Mindful Hypnotherapy


Prior to booking a session, please call me at 410-330-5486 for a free phone consultation to go over services, and therapy packages. We will discuss a strategic plan to help you achieve your goals. Hypnosis treatments work effectively and help clients understand behavioral patterns and old limiting beliefs. Through the hypnotic process clients can move through subconscious resistance and experience the change they desire. 

After the first session, follow up session are $157 and last approximately 50 to 60 minutes.

3 Session Follow Up Package – $297 

After 10pm Eastern Time my rate doubles – NO EXCEPTIONS

Sunday sessions are a flat $300 per session. 

If you are not able to afford hypnotherapy sessions with me, please go to hypnosis.edu/sessions and apply for free hypnotherapy with an intern from the Hypnosis Motivation Institute. All students must complete a clinical internship to graduate.  

I am the Director of the Community Service Program and will review your application.  If your application is approved, I will assign you to an intern for free hypnotherapy sessions. 

Hypnotherapy can cost anywhere from $60 to $500 per session.  The price should be based on education, experience and ability.    I keep my prices at an affordable level because I want everyone to be able to afford the help they need to live better and be happy.  
I encourage the client to do their research and make sure you do not hire someone that took a 3-month course and can read a script.  Make sure your hypnotherapist has training from an accredited college and has learned some psychology.  Many licensed professionals only get about 40 hours of hypnosis training.  As a graduate from Hypnosis Motivation Institute, the only nationally accredited college of hypnotherapy, I graduated the first year with over 2100 hours of class and clinical time.  In the past 3 years I have done over 5000 hypnoses sessions.  Book your session now and experience first-hand what it is like to take control of your life. 

How can hypnosis help you? Go here and see the services I offer.