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Online Hypnotherapy and Hypno Coaching Sessions

Whether you need hypnosis or Hypno Coaching, I have the perfect solution for you.

2 Hour Foundation Session $257

This first session is the foundation to all subsequent hypnosis sessions. I use a handwriting sample to determine how your brain will process information. We will discuss in detail the presenting issue and I will teach you the tools needed for your success, followed by a deeply relaxing hypnosis session.

What's Included:

A Basic Handwriting Sample

Tools for Success

A Customized Hypnosis Session
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Individual Follow Up Session $157

After the Foundation Session, you may choose to purchase one session at a time. Depending on the presenting issue you may do weekly, Bi Weekly or Monthly sessions

What's Included:

One Hour Hypnosis Session

Reinforcement of previous session

Expand on stragies for success
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Past LIfe Regression $197

Discover your past lives and even the life between lives. You may look at a Past Life Regression as entertainment or as a source of emotional healing. Have you even gone somewhere and just knew where everything was? Are you drawn to antiques and historic buildings? Do you feel like you belong in a different era? A Past Life Regression may be just what you're looking for.

What's Included:

Travel through time to a previous life

Connect with your soul family

Connect with your deeper mind and find clarity
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3 Session Follow Up Package $297

Prepay for 3 follow up sessions and save $174. Most issues will take a minimum of 3 sessions to make real change. How much is your peace of mind worth? Can you put a price on happiness?

What's Included:

3 One-hour hypnosis sessions

Coaching and success strategies

Each session is customized for you
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Hypnosis is a focused state of attention. Simply put, it is a slower brain wave state. For example, when you’re watching a good movie, and you tune out the world around because you are totally absorbed in the movie. 

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