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Healing the Child Within

LJC Hypnotherapy Healing The Inner Child

For some of us, getting to know our own inner child is a painful process.  But it necessary for growth and to move forward in your adult life.  Unfortunately, we don’t all have great childhood experiences and memories.  If you are reading this, than you are probably searching for answers and solutions to your own internal issues.
For some, the journey to discovering and healing your inner child is absolutely the hardest thing you will ever do.  

When the time is right and you are ready to open the door to your own proverbial closet, the skeletons that fall out will bring up some “stuff”.

How I Found My Inner Child

This is where hypnotherapy has come in to save me.  I too see a hypnotherapist, and with her guidance I was able to SLOWLY open myself up.  

I remember the first time the the concept of an inner child was brought to my attention. I scoffed.  How ridiculous!
At the age of 51 the last thing I ever thought would happen is I would meet my inner child.  The very thought made me very angry and I could not get away fast enough.

And then one evening as I sat in an zoom class the subject of the inner child came up.  Again, it stirred something deep inside. Once again, my stomach knotted up and I wanted to run.  I was in the process of becoming a Certified Hypnotherapist at The Hypnosis Motivation Institute (HMI) so of course I had to be educated on the subject. 
As a student I was able to listen and learn, but would NOT allow such a thing to enter my mind for myself.  As time went on and through my clinical internship, I used the inner child healing on many clients.  The things I witnessed were amazing.  Healing, self forgiveness and people turning their lives around, finding happiness and growth.
It slowly began to stir something from deep within me.  Maybe, just maybe I do have an inner child.  Again, the thought brought up emotions I was not used to.  For much of my life, I walked around numb. Not happy but not sad.  I was just there. Keeping people at a distance and not allowing anyone to get to close.   

Does this sound familiar

During a meditation, I decided to allow myself to ponder the idea of an inner child. That is when it hit me! During that meditation I got a glimpse of my own inner child.  No, I did not see a clear picture, but I did get a sense of her.  Deep within myself I could feel a very sad, hurt, lonely little girl that is hiding behind a door.  A door I have kept shut, locked and bolted because I did not know how to deal with the pain. 
I discussed this with my own hypnotherapist and she helped me by doing hypnosis and giving me suggestions that would rewrite my negative subconscious script.  I was safe, and I had resources.  She enabled me to meet my inner child in a safe place within my imagination.  For the first time I was able to comfort that little girl and let her know that she is a bad ass and no one was going to stop her from succeeding.  I gave her love and let her know we were a team and from now on she had nothing to fear.  The things that happened were not her fault. 
Now, I have an amazing relationship with my inner child.  Our work is not done.  Things still come up and will trigger something hidden.  But now, I go within and visit my inner child who is growing stronger then ever.  I feel stronger and have more confidence than I ever had.  It’s no longer just me against the world. 

Meet Your Inner Child And Heal

I know the concept of meeting your inner child sounds strange.  It takes time and courage.  Yes it sounds odd and may even feel weird. But, now that you know about your inner child you will start to feel that urge to discover how you can heal and move forward with your own life.  When you are ready, I will be here to guide you.  

LJC Hypnotherapy meet your inner child