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What is blocking Your Success?

The past few years have been extremely challenging for most people.  While managing the daily workload was already challenging for most business professionals and executives, our new dynamics and social shift in society revealed how strongly related our mental health is to obtaining and MAINTAINING levels of success.

In fact, a recent study revealed that unending responsibilities and daily pressure of working in the corporate world of business & entrepreneurship generates more feelings of
anxiety, loneliness, depression and fear than any other profession. 

Oftentimes, the source of these increased anxieties and mental blockages which prevent you from attaining the level of success you desire (and deserve), stem from the natural  “desire to excel” and obtain financial freedom. 

Research shows people who work excessively long hours and operate in high stress careers are more likely to suffer from poor mental health.  This will include weight gain (due to increased stress hormone production) and poor sleep patterns, accompanied by increased rates of anxiety and depression.  This cocktail of negative effects increases the likelihood of a stroke and other detrimental health conditions.  

According to a study published in Occupational Medicine, Volume 67, the number of hours a person works has a direct impact on one’s physical and mental health.  In addition, this will also negatively impact their employees and reduces a company’s overall productivity. 

How Hypnotherapy Works As A Key To Achieving Success

Fortunately, we have invested years of studying the brain to determine the most efficient way to manage stress levels, increase productivity and achieve career success with hypnosis.  

While in hypnosis, your brain will create new neuro pathways and unlock new perspectives, new goals & new positive habits that will help you achieve success in your career and personal life like never before! 

Think of the brain as a power grid, where there are specific stations each specializing in one function, yet they are all connected.  There are billions of paths called Neuro Pathways, sometimes referred to as roads, that light up when you think, feel or actively engage in an activity or choice. 

Some of these paths are well traveled, and these are our habits or our established ways of thinking or “doing”.  When you are constantly repeating the same action or thought, you are strengthening it.  When you decide to think differently or learn something new or choose a different emotion, you by default create path (Neuro Pathway).  The link provided is a 2009 Study published in the European Journal of Social Psychology  on  how long it could take to establish a new habit.  An article published in USA Today explains how hypnosis can speed up that process and break unhealthy habits.

Neuroplasticity enables us to change and rewire our brain.  Therefore, we are able to new beliefs and behaviors that serve us and help us be the person we desire to be.  Neuroplasticity is an umbrella term referring to the ability of our brain to recognize itself, both physically and functionally, due to our environment, behavior, thinking and emotions.  In other words, neuroplasticity is the ability of the brain to change throughout an individual’s life. 

So why isn’t everyone utilizing life-changing hypnosis to reach success and sharpen our minds? 

Our ability to make new paths in order to change beliefs, emotional responses and behavioral habits are solely dependent on the flexibility of our mind and one’s desire to experience change. ( You have to want and allow it).

Hypnosis, Therapeutic Imagery, and NLP (neuro linguistic Programming), are just a few of the tools that Lenora Curtis from LJC Hypnotherapy will use during a hypnotherapy session to facilitate the internal, emotional and behavioral flexibility needed to overcome homeostasis.   Homeostasis is the subconscious mind’s desire to remain the same, even though consciously you think you want change.  Hypnosis will help to release our subconscious needs that frequently sabotage our success by resisting our desire for change. 

Through hypnosis, subconscious programs can be quickly modified, and new intentional pathways can be formed. When one is in a very relaxed state, the brainwave slows to an Alpha or even light Theta brainwave, which is where positive suggestions can be given to rewire and create new neuro pathways. The more it is practiced, the stronger it becomes, and the old pathway will weaken until the new pathway takes over and becomes the dominant path.

This is how hypnosis can help change an old way of thinking or negative impulse behaviors.

LJC Hypnotherapy

Napoleon Hill said “Whatever the mind can conceive and
believe, the mind can achieve”. Personally, as a Certified
Hypnotherapist I don’t believe truer words have ever
been spoken

So How Do You Get Started Unlocking Your Success Today?

As a Certified Hypnotherapist & Master NLP Practitioner, I will use a combination of my education & unique strategies to uncover and rewrite any success blocks you may have.  This process is not only beneficial to your thought process, you will also experience a positive change within your physical health.   Hypnosis is a proven technique to improve your natural body function by reducing the unnecessary release of the stress hormone cortisol.  

There is no need to procrastinate becoming the best version of yourself!  You have the power to change your life trajectory with just one call! 

How valuable is a healthy and happy life to you?  Are you ready to stop anxious thoughts and impulsive or unexplainable bad habits that are blocking you from reaching your goals? 

Schedule a free consultation and lets beging to explore the possibilities!

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