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What is holding you back from success

How Past Conditioning Affects Todays Success or Lack Thereof:

Most people are unaware of how their childhood affects their entire life.
Some people say, “I had a great family”. Yet, they find themselves struggling with achieving their goals and maintaining them. 
Others are raised in a toxic and stressful environment, believing they cannot learn or achieve like “other people” 
What people do not know is from about the time they are 6 months in utero, the unborn infant is making associations to the mothers’ emotions.  According to an article called The In-Utero Experience (communityservices.act.gov.au) stress experienced by the mother can lead to higher levels of cortisol (stress hormone) in the unborn fetus. The higher the cortisol the more likely the child will be born with the “Fight/Flight switch already turned on.  This leads to behavioral issues, the inability to learn easily and retain information. Often times these children will grow up with attachment issues, lower self-esteem etc. All of this will contribute to a lifetime of poor decision making, the inability to succeed in relationships and career. For more information here is an excellent article on the Cellular Memory of Trauma

A Child is Born a “Blank Slate”.

As the child grows the brain is making associations to the world. Some of these associations are good and some are not. The mind does not know the difference.  Until about the age of 9 the primary and secondary caregivers have the most impact on the child and how it will learn and behave. If a child is not supported or they are criticized when they attempt something new that will become a “known” in the mind. Later in life when the child is an adult the mind has already made the association to trying new things will bring a negative result. Therefore, not trying will “protect” them from shame and embarrassment.  Of course, the scientific reasons go much deeper, but I think you get the picture. 
Once the mind has made the foundational associations it will constantly scan the environment to find what it knows. This is why we find ourselves in patterns of behavior or no matter where we work, we always find issues with the company, the boss or the coworkers. Consciously, the person is looking for the opposite, but on an unconscious level the deeper mind is searching for what it knows, and the person continues to find him/herself struggling once again. 

There is Hope with Hypnosis:

Thankfully, there is hope. Because of something called Neuroplasticity, the brain can change. Therefore, we are able to develop new beliefs and behaviors that serve us and help us be the person we desire to be.  Neuroplasticity is an umbrella term referring to the ability of our brain to recognize itself, both physically and functionally, due to our environment, behavior, thinking and emotions.  In other words, neuroplasticity is the ability of the brain to change throughout an individual’s life.
This is where hypnosis and NLP can help.  While in hypnosis, your brain will create new neuro pathways and unlock new perspectives, new goals & new positive habits that will help you achieve success in your career and personal life like never before!

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