Modern Mindful Hypnotherapy


My mission is to make a positive impact on every person I encounter. I aim to brighten their day and help them feel as important as they were born to be. To empower people, and to raise the vibration of the collective by raising one vibration at a time. To accomplish this, I utilize hypnotherapy, and show others they can be happy, they can feel better and they can live their best life.


I live and lead with H.E.A.R.T

Honesty – I live my truth and be truthful at all time, to myself and others.
Ethical – Always do what’s right and you will do no harm.
Accountability – Be responsible for my conduct, live up to my promise of ethics and honesty.
Respect – Myself and others at all times – employ honesty, ethics and accountability and respect will come easily and effortlessly.
Tranquility – Is the gift I receive when I live honestly, remain ethical in all I do, hold myself accountable for my own conduct and respect myself and others.

Hypnosis in Salisbury Maryland