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Are you ready to explore the unknown?

Have you lived this life before?

What Is Past Life Regression?

Past life regression is a form of hypnotherapy which takes an individual back into their previous lives or “incarnations” by accessing the memories within the subconscious mind.  The trained hypnotherapist has special training in past life regression and knows how to help you become very deeply relaxed where you can allow the conscious mind to step aside and access the hidden memories of the subconscious.  Once you have achieved a very relaxed hypnotic state the trained hypnotherapist will guide your journey and ask you questions so you can really explore your past life and bring back any lessons you needed to learn to help you with your current life situation. 

Are you curious about exploring your past lives? 

Do you have a life-long fascination with a particular period in history? 
Do you feel drawn to a specific location in which you have no conscious connection with? 
Have you ever felt you were living in the wrong time?
Do yo have a love for antiques and historical buildings?
Do you feel negativity towards someone without understanding why you dislike them? 
Are you wise beyond your years, or ever been called an old soul? 
Are there any physical ailments or health issues that you or your doctor are unable to find a physical cause? 
As a child, did you ever refer to another home or family? 
Do you suffer from a phobia or irrational fear that you can find no obvious causes?

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